International Year program fees

The James Madison University degree pathway program is exceptional value because you progress directly to the second year of your degree, effectively fast-tracking your education.


  Direct admission 1-semester 2-semester 3-semester 4-semester 2
Tuition $24,386* $12,193 $24,386 $33,886 $41,386
Comprehensive student services fee $5,178 $5,178 (annual)
JMU student insurance* $843.60
(8 months)
$843.60 (8 months)
On-campus accommodation and resident meal-plan 3 $11,314 $11,314 (annual)
Airport transfer (optional) 4 $160 $160

* Prices subject to change

2 English for Academic Purposes + 3-Semester.

3 Students living on-campus are required to participate in a meal plan. Students living off-campus can choose to buy a meal plan or not to. This fee includes a $120 per-semester fee for internet connection.

4 Transfer directly to James Madison University, one-way, on initial arrival. Applicants must reserve transportation prior to arrival by completing the Flight Arrival Form.

5 Students should prepare to arrive a few days before classes start to attend a mandatory orientation. Contact the International Study Center (ISC) Admissions Manager at naqueries@studygroup.com for details. Class schedules are tentative and subject to slight change.

* Estimate only. The University sets Direct Admission Tuition and fees in Fall 2021 for the upcoming academic year.

Not included in ISC program prices:

  • Airfare to and from the USA
  • Personal expenses
  • Vacation travel
  • On-campus accommodation and food expenses when the University is officially closed
  • Regular ESL classes prior to an International Study Center program, if your language proficiency on arrival is inadequate for entry

English for University Studies fees

Undergraduate or Graduate Tuition
8-Week English for University Studies online program  $2,000
12-Week English for University Studies online program  $3,000

Scholarships at JMU

Scholarships are available for JMU ISC and direct admit students.

Progression Scholarships for ISC Students

You may be eligible for a scholarship upon entry to the JMU ISC. Then, after you complete your ISC program, you may be eligible for a progression scholarship for your studies at JMU.

  Total Value Value (Per Year) Criteria to Award Criteria to Maintain
ISC Progression Scholarship $15,000 $5,000 3.0 GPA 2.5 GPA

Scholarships for Direct Admit Students

If you are directly applying to JMU, you may be eligible for a new International Recognition Award scholarship, valued at $5,000 per year. Students must have completed high school outside of the U.S.

  Total Value Value (Per Year) Criteria to Award Criteria to Maintain
International Recognition Award $20,000 $5,000 3.0 GPA 2.5 GPA

Contact your educational agent or email naqueries@studygroup.com to learn more about the scholarship opportunities at JMU.

James Madison University tuition

When you continue your degree studies outside of the International Study Center, you will pay the Out-of-State James Madison University fees.

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