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Entry requirements

International Year entry requirements

Entry to the International Year program is based on the academic requirements for entry to a James Madison University bachelor's degree. If you meet the requirements for direct admission, you may enroll to the university directly.

However, the English language level requirements are lower as the International Study Center (ISC) program will improve your language proficiency to satisfy the University's English level admission requirements.

International Year Academic requirements

International Year applicants must have:

  • Successful completion of the equivalent of a US secondary education
  • Minimal 2.25 GPA (Grade Point Average) - equivalent to 77-79% or a 'C+' average
  • Diploma or certification of graduation from High School in your home country
  • Undergraduate applicants who intend to major in theater, dance, music and studio art must also submit a portfolio and/or arrange an audition.

English language level

The number of semesters you will study on the International Year program is based on your IELTS score. Your program duration is confirmed after a post-arrival English test.

SemestersEnglish language level
1IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 80 / Pearson 58 / Versant 64+/ Duolingo 105
2IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL 60 / Pearson 45 / Versant 48-54/ Duolingo 85
3IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL 50 / Pearson 42 / Versant 43-47/ Duolingo 75
4IELTS 4.5 / TOEFL 45 / Pearson Not Accepted / Versant 41-42/ Duolingo 65

Applicants must provide proof that they meet the minimum English language entry requirement. There are several ways you can show English proficiency:

  • TOEFL score - internet-based test.
  • IELTS score
  • Certificate of English from an Embassy English language school in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Direct admission entry requirements

Direct admission to the University is available. Please refer to JMU’s website for more information.

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