Spring Break 2018

Students holding hands and jumping in the air on a beach

As the month of March rolls around at James Madison University, students are grinding away at their midterm exams with spring break just around the corner. This week off from school gives students the chance to leave campus and their school work behind, and simply relax and refresh before returning to finish off the school year and tackle their final exams. During this week off, students can attend professional events, spend some time doing service, or jet off to a warm beach with friends!

Last week we caught up with some JMU students to see what they are up to during this semester’s spring break.

Jenna Scull, a junior communication studies major, will be attending the PRSSA National Assembly in Miami, Florida over spring break. She will be voting on the new National Executive Board as well as new PRSSA Bylaws on behalf of JMU’s chapter of PRSSA. “I am excited to network with other PRSSA members and professionals,” Scull said. Scull also reflected on her favorite spring break so far during her freshman year in college where she traveled all the way to London to visit her brother who was studying abroad. She stated that spring break comes at a good time because it is a good amount of time where one can take advantage of good opportunities like the conference or simply spend time at home with family.

On the other hand, Colleen Coleman, also a junior communication studies major, will be going on a missions trip to Guatemala through JMU InterVarsity and sponsored by Students International. “I am most excited to share the gospel with kids and learn more about the culture in Guatemala!” Coleman said. Her first year of college, she went home during spring break and spent time with her family and friends. Last year, she went on an Alternative Spring Break through the JMU Dux Leadership Center and Community Service Learning Office. She traveled down the east coast through Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia where she did work with a multitude of organizations, including the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill. Her favorite spring break was her Alternative Spring Break trip last year because of the fulfillment she received from helping others and having the opportunity to travel to new places. She believes that having a spring break in college allows students to have much needed rest, time with those they love, or to serve for a week in a meaningful way!

Some students decide to grab their bathing suits and go somewhere warm! Nicole Stevens, a junior kinesiology major, will be going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with JMU thru StudentCity. “I am excited to be able to relax in the sun, travel outside of the country with my friends, and experience a new culture,” Stevens said. She has traveled home for spring break for both her freshman and sophomore years. Her favorite spring break was staying in Boston with her mom. They treated themselves to a spa day and got a facial and massage. She thinks that spring break is a great opportunity to travel because once students graduate, it becomes much more difficult to go on trips with friends. In the future, she hopes to travel to different places, so she sees this spring break trip as a glimpse into the future!

Lastly Huiying Tan, an international student who is a freshman marketing major, said she would be going with her friends to Washington D.C. Afterwards she will go to New York because she says there are a number of good places to visit, eat, and shop. “I can stay will my friends and eat lots of delicious food!” Tan stated. This is her first year having a spring break and she thinks it is good to have a holiday to relax and step out of the pressures of studying.

No matter what JMU students decide to do with their time off, spring break is always filled with fun, relaxation, and maybe even some sun. Although spring break goes by quickly, it is safe to say that by the end of the week every student is ready to return to their home away from home that is JMU!