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Student services and support

ISC student advice

While you are studying on an international student program, you receive 1 hour of formal Advising per week, in addition to your classroom time and the dedicated support from all International Study Center staff. During the Advising hour, in groups of 20-30, you will:

  • Get help with your English and Academic studies
  • Participate in ongoing orientation
  • Have the opportunity to lead discussions on current events
  • Have guest speakers from campus services (Health Center, Libraries, Counseling Center, etc)
  • Prepare for progression in your final semester by practicing your poster presentations and exit interviews

Career and academic planning

The University provides ongoing support with choosing your academic programs and career path. Specialist advisors provide many student support services, including: 

  • Academic advice
  • Support with choosing your major or career
  • Help finding an internship
  • Resume reviews
  • Tutoring
  • Study skills workshops
  • Assignment reviews

Counseling and student development

Psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors provide personal counseling to all students at James Madison University. Services include:

  • Assistance and consultations related to general situations, emergencies and crisis
  • Emotional counseling and psychiatric services
  • Ways to overcome problems with eating, exercise, and/or cultural adjustment

Adjusting to life in the U.S.

Culture shock is the process of adjusting to a new country and new culture. Most people traveling outside of their own countries experience a level of culture shock. Remember that you are not the only one experiencing these feelings; your classmates will be going through the same things as you.

Problems can be solved only if others know about them and can help you. You have a number of sources for help, including:

International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS)

ISSS offers support and services to the international community and programs to enhance your time in the USA, including:

  • Social activities and other opportunities to make new friends
  • Information sessions on issues such as culture shock
  • Transitions: a two-day orientation program
  • Madison International Program: a living-learning community meant to integrate global and local issues, and encourage intercultural competence
  • Global X: a new program designed for third, fourth, or fifth year student mentors to connect with new international Dukes. Both sides can make meaningful connections and improve cross-cultural communication
  • LIFE program: a program that matches JMU international students with local friendship families to facilitate friendship and cultural understanding
  • International Student Career Day: help finding jobs after graduation

Advice for matriculation to a degree

James Madison University has a Transfer Advisor who will work closely with you in your final semester as you prepare to continue your studies. In addition, Academic Liaisons in each academic department host Open Houses and will advise you on specific course requirements for 2nd year study.

There will be a wealth of support for you at JMU from the moment you apply, all the way through your university education and career beyond.

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"I heard some very good reviews of the services that JMU provides to its students. After I joined, I am also impressed by the beautiful campus; the facilities are very modern and clean."

Jaewoo, from Korea.

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