Careers in hospitality management

Posted 23 April 2019

 JMU Hospitality Management major Kesi from Indonesia

JMU’s Hospitality Management majors have a wealth of careers to choose from when they graduate. Hospitality graduates are in demand in a number of industries because of the unique skillset they gain during their degree. Hospitality Management majors at JMU gain an amazing 1,000 hours of industry experience during their degree program. This prepares them for entry-level management positions on graduation.

Working in the hospitality industry is rewarding because it is all about creating unforgettable experiences for customers. Continue reading to find out more about career paths in hospitality.

What industries can Hospitality Management graduates work in?

Food and Beverages

The booming food and beverages sector is always in need of strong team leaders. A food service manager is responsible for the daily running of a restaurant or bar, managing serving staff, welcoming guests and often handling accounts.

The ideal candidate for this job is organized, customer-focused and detail-oriented. In this field, having a bachelor’s degree can give candidates the advantage in competing for top positions. JMU’s Hospitality Management majors are taught vital skills in employee management, communication, problem-solving and business skills, which make them well suited to these roles.

The average annual salary for a food service manager in the US is $52,000.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a huge industry in the US and beyond. Hospitality Management graduates are ideally suited to becoming travel agents because of their experience in managing customer expectations. The goal of this job is to sell transportation, accommodation, and entertainment activities to individuals and groups planning trips, tailoring itineraries to their individual likes and requirements. Customer satisfaction comes first in this role and adventurous and enthusiastic, organized individuals will be best suited.

The average annual salary for a travel agent in the US is $367,000.

Hotel management

Hotel Management is another of the US’s biggest industries. A hotel manager is responsible for ensuring guests have unforgettable holiday experiences. Organization is key, to ensure that the establishment runs efficiently and profitably. The interpersonal skills practised by Hospitality Management graduates also make them suited to this role, as hotel managers are in daily contact with guests and staff. Hotel managers are natural leaders, able to stay calm and think of solutions to any problem brought to them.

The average annual salary in the US for a hotel manager is $52,000.

Event management

The event planning industry is expected to grow by 11% between 2016 to 2026 in the USA, faster than the average for all jobs. An event planner plans everything from weddings and birthday parties, to professional meetings. It is their job to arrange locations, transportation, logistics, entertainment, and decorations.

People in this role love travelling and meeting new people, as they work with clients to understand what they want, organise venues and more, and finally monitor satisfaction from clients and guests. Most event planning jobs require a bachelor’s degree and hospitality experience, like that undertaken by JMU students, is considered valuable.

The average annual salary for an event planner in the US is $48,000.

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