Explore the rewarding journey of life in the USA for international students. Our guide offers insights into student culture, accommodation, cost of living, and the many job opportunities in the USA.

There are many benefits of studying economics, such as excellent career prospects and high earning potential. Find out more about economics today.

You have a few different options when it comes to choosing where to live while you study at university. You can stay with your parents or family in the area, rent on your own apartment nearby, or live on campus. Let’s look at what other students have gained from the experience.

Thinking about applying to university in the USA? American universities can either be private or public institutions, like James Madison University (JMU). To decide which system is best for you, it’s important to understand more about both.

Getting ready for college marks the start of an exciting new adventure. It’s not only the beginning of the next step in your learning and career journey, but also the start of some incredible new memories, friendships and experiences.

Want to know where to eat in Harrisonburg and what the best restaurants are according to JMU students? Check out the following post written by Marcela Luna, who is studying Communications and Public Relations at JMU.

Spring Break 2018

This month we caught up with some of the students at James Madison University to see what their plans are for this year's spring break and find out about their most memorable spring break.